Due to the recent events surrounding Covid-19, many of our customers are experiencing a negative impact on their businesses and tightening their budgets. One of the first areas of cash conservation is limiting capital expenditures.  Fleets will be forced to repair current equipment whenever possible rather than purchasing new.

Those companies fortunate enough to run during the pandemic, may have pushed their units to the limit under great stress and are in need of repairs.  Their maintenance facilities may not have worked at full capacity. How they react to this situation will determine how they fare in the long-term.

We hear you!

We know your biggest complaint is the lack of available parts with the next biggest complaint being not getting the correct parts.

Hackney’s Aftermarket team is here to help!

1 – Quicker Repair = Shorter Down Time for You

We are the Original Equipment Manufacturers.  Hackney’s parts are made for our bodies and trailers and are of superior quality and value. Our parts last longer and require less maintenance than our competition.  And when you do have to make repairs, OEM parts get the job done faster, which means a shorter down time for you.

2 – Friendly, Knowledgeable Staff Who Knows You Need the Right Part, Right Now

Our staff is highly knowledgeable and understands the sense of urgency to get the right part at an affordable price quickly.

Our Aftermarket team has worked at Hackney for a long time which makes the conversations with the customers a lot easier.   Randy has been with the company the longest at 47 years, with Sonya at 25, Mindy at 20, and Amy rounding out our team with 8 years under her belt.

We ask the right questions and know how to get you the right parts to get back on the road!

3 – We Go the Extra Mile to Locate Hard to Find or Possible Obsolete Parts

We NEVER say no we can’t do that. OK, hardly ever.

We are Cadillac of our industry. We know our bodies and trailers are built to last.   We have customers call and tell us “I have an old one here, it’s from 2007”, to which we reply “No worries there, we have calls all the time for units from the 1980s and 1990s. Our units stay on the road much longer than our competitors do”.   We can provide the OEM parts to keep your old and newer units running smoothly.

Need more help?

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