Refrigerated trucks have changed the way food and drink are transported around the globe. That is why Kidron has been building innovative refrigerated vehicles since 1946. Kidron has been an active partner in the truck transportation industry and committed their time to the design and manufacturing of truck bodies and trailers that provide optimum productivity for the distribution of refrigerated cargo.

Kidron’s K2 truck body is the epitome of high-value refrigerated distribution units. This unit can handle the rigors of frequent stops and changing external temperatures. K2 truck bodies have no issue driving through city streets and sustaining desirable temperatures despite frequent door openings.   

If you are constantly on the go with your refrigerated cargo and required to take multiple stops, Kidron’s K2 truck bodies are for you. Kidron continues to be a step ahead with specialized compartmentalization options to transport and protect ice cream, milk, produce, and any other cargo. Luckily, Kidron has other options designed to accommodate specific cargo needs and delivery requirements.

Each of our K2 refrigerated truck bodies comes with our patented Cold Shield technology.  Cold Shield makes it possible to do a better job maintaining desired temperatures, recover quickly, and keep our customers happy.

Up to five inches of non-CFC polyurethane insulation is poured between inner walls and aluminum panels to hold temperatures. Also, our state-of-the-art foaming process consistently measures and controls temperature, ratio, and mix. Our Pressure-Pillow Seal Doors with two seals at 90-degree angles virtually eliminates air passage. Because of this, the cold stays in and the heat stays out. Finally, impermeable interior liners reduce foam out-gassing to keep your cargo fresh.

At Kidron, our truck bodies and trailers are designed with cold in mind. Kidron has been building innovative refrigerated vehicles since 1946 and no one knows cold like we do!

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