Market Highlight: Dairy

Kidron has been a leader in the dairy industry since the earliest days of the company, back in the 1940's. For over seventy-five years, Kidron has been offering our customers the very best refrigerated trucks on the market. Our K2 truck bodies and G2 trailers are designed to provide the best performance available. Kidron has [...]

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Refrigerated Box Truck For Sale

With summer quickly approaching it means cold ice cream, juicy fruit, and refreshing lemonade. To deliver all those delicious treats to your local grocery store or favorite concession stand, we need refrigerated trucks. Kidron refrigerated box trucks help deliver fresh produce and other perishable freight to all parts of the country. If you are [...]

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Top Quality Refrigerated Distribution Trucks

Nobody knows cold like Kidron. Since 1946, Kidron has been an industry leader in producing innovative refrigerated distribution vehicles designed with cold in mind. We’re committed to building truck bodies and trailers that are designed to deliver the best products available in the distribution of refrigerated cargo. Our truck bodies and trailers are designed for [...]

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What is VT Hackney Inc?

VT Hackney, Inc. is the parent company of Kidron. Founded right here in America in 1946 Kidron is the best in the business for vocational body and cab products. Some of the World’s most recognizable products use VT Hackney, Inc. products. Products Kidron has two very distinct products: the K2 Truck Body and the G2 [...]

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Check Out That Bod

For almost 100 years Kidron has been creating high-value refrigerated distribution units that can handle the rigors of frequent stops and changing temperature requirements. The Kidron K2 truck bodies are built tough and made to last! Whether you are delivering to the heavily populated inner city, the wide open spaces of rural America or anywhere [...]

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Kidron G2 Refrigerated Trailers

Kidron Refrigerated Trailer The invention of the refrigerated truck has changed how food is shipped around the globe. That’s why since 1946, Kidron has been an active partner in the truck transportation industry. We are committed to designing and manufacturing truck bodies and refrigerated trailers that can deliver optimum productivity in the distribution of [...]

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