Project Description

Cargo Star Dry Freight Body

Innovative Solutions for Efficient Dry Freight Distribution

Cargo Star dry freight truck bodies deliver the optimum return on investment, combining rugged designs with an innovative approach to manufacturing and  delivery. The result: cost effective dry freight distribution solutions armed with the designed-in advantages most sought by the world’s leading leasing companies  and small fleet owners.

Cargo Star represents a beneficial blend of Kidron’s transportation industry leadership and Kidron’s legendary quality and durability. Plus, by utilizing all of Kidron’s strategically located manufacturing locations, Cargo Star production and delivery efficiency can bring additional benefits right to your bottom line.

We are proud to announce that the success of our dry freight bodies has led us to start building them at a second location. Beginning in 2022, our dry freight bodies will be manufactured at both our Montgomery, PA plant as well as our Washington, NC plant.

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