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While all cargo is important, some items require special attention.  Kidron offers refrigerated and insulated solutions to ensure high quality remains at the point of delivery.

Beer and Wine
Kidron Beer & Wine
Cargo Flooring
Cold Shield

Loading Options

Kidron offers a wide variety of loading/unloading options including rear and side ramps and liftgates.

Aluminum Cargo Flooring

K2 now incorporates highly durable G2 trailer aluminum cargo flooring. Ideal for palletized cargo with the safety of non-skid ridges.


Total temperature management solutions available exclusively in Kidron’s refrigerated distribution products.


Selecting the right bumper can be critical to developing the perfect delivery truck. Kidron provides the widest selection in the industry.

Recommended Truck Specifications for the Beer and Wine Market.
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K2 K2 K2 G2

K2 Saver

Small Payload

Single Temp

Rear Access

K2 Saver

Medium Payload


Rear Access

K2 Value

Medium Payload

Single Temp

Rear Access

G2 Value

Heavy Payload

Single Temp

Rear & Side Access

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Cargo / Insulation
Kidron Body Model K2 K2 K2 G2 Trailer
Temperature Control 38 degrees Insulated 38 degrees 38 degrees
Doors Opened/Day 10 to 20 10 to 20 10 to 20 Over 20
Temperature Zone Single Temp Insulated Single Temp Single Temp
Side Wall Insulation 3″ 3″ 4″ 3″
Wearband 12″ 12″ 12″ 12″
Rear Grabhandles Driver & Curbside Driver & Curbside Driver & Curbside Driver & Curbside
Body Dimensions
Inside Length/Height 14’/90″ 18’/90″ 22’/96″ 28’/95.5″
Outside Width 96″ 96″ 102″ 102″
Loading Pallet Jack Pallet Jack Pallet Jack Forklift
Axle Single Single Tandem Tandem
Bumper Rear Impact & Center Step Rear Impact & Extension Rear Impact & Extension Forklift
Rear Door Style Roll-Up Door Roll-Up Door Roll-Up Door Roll-Up Door
Rear Door Kill Switch Yes Yes Yes Yes
Side Door Location No No No 1 Panel Curbside
Side Door Width No No No 40″
Side Door Kill Switch No No No Yes
Floor Type Alum Cargo Alum Cargo Alum Cargo Alum Cargo
Interior Liner Glassboard Glassboard Glassboard Glassboard
# E-Track Rows (2) Row Recessed (2) Row Recessed (2) Row Recessed (2) Row Recessed
Internal Lighting STD STD LED LED
Rear Frame Lighting LED-Recessed LED-Recessed LED-Recessed LED-Recessed
Refrigeration Self Contained None Self Contained Self Contained
Liftgate None None None Tuck Under Liftgate
Ramp No Yes Yes No
Cab Service Platform Yes No Yes
Door Curtains No No No No