VT Hackney, Inc. is the parent company of Kidron. Founded right here in America in 1946 Kidron is the best in the business for vocational body and cab products. Some of the World’s most recognizable products use VT Hackney, Inc. products.


Kidron has two very distinct products: the K2 Truck Body and the G2 Trailer

K2 Truck Bodies

K2 truck bodies by Kidron continue a tradition that spans nearly a century! Kidron K2 bodies work the tough city streets, sustaining and recovering desirable temperatures in spite of frequent door openings.

Kidron K2 bodies also work the long haul, reliably performing in all kinds of adverse weather conditions to safely protect cargo in desert heat and frigid climates, including places where product service simply isn’t available.

For special multi-stop challenges, Kidron continues to be a step ahead with unique compartmentalization options to simultaneously transport and protect ice cream, milk, produce and other types of cargo.

G2 Trailer

The G2 Trailer is designed for extra durability to lower your lifecycle costs. With maximized strength-to-weight ratio, Kidron’s G2 Trailer is designed to increase efficiency and lower the cost of delivering refrigerated products.

Available in industry standard lengths up to 53′, the G2 is designed for the abuses associated with multi-stop refrigerated product distribution. The G2 is designed for flexibility of operation and can be customized to meet your unique delivery needs.

Products That Are Good for the World and Good to the World

Kidron’s parent company VT Hackney, Inc. is committed to operating in an environmentally responsible manner by reducing our environmental footprint. VT Hackney has committed to an Environmental Sustainability Policy that states that it works with all suppliers to minimize environmental impact and provide products and services that are environmentally sustainable. The policy outlines the key requirements underscoring this sustainability commitment and it applies to all the locations of VT Hackney including Kidron in Washington, NC.

The policy requires things of all locations such as complying with the government standards already put in place, remaining certified under energy management and greenhouse gas standards, and ensuring that personnel has the necessary information and training to achieve the policy requirements.

The policy also states that it is the responsibility of the President and CEO of VT Hackney to issue and regularly review the policy in the case that updates need to be made to it. It is then the responsibility of the general manager at each location, including Kidron in Washington, NC, to implement and ensure the adherence to this policy throughout their site. And ultimately it is the responsibility of all personnel to act in accordance with this policy in their everyday business activities. Now that’s accountability!

Substantial Influence You Can See Every day

Whether you’re at your favorite restaurant, neighborhood grocery store, or even at your neighbor’s house, you can spot a Kidron truck. Each time you purchase a soft drink, juice product, energy drink, or adult beverage it is likely that product was delivered in a Kidron truck. When you pick up fresh milk from your grocery store, check the ripeness for the perfect avocado, or eye the best grade of meat, it is likely Kidron played a role in getting it there.

“At VT Hackney…We Keep the World Moving”