K2 Features

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ColdShield Temperature Management System


A Kidron exclusive, all K2 refrigerated distribution bodies can do a better job maintaining desired temperatures and quick recoveries, thanks to our exclusive ColdShield™ Temperature Management System. Up to five inches of non-CFC polyurethane insulation poured between inner walls and aluminum panels to hold temperatures better. The state-of-the-art foaming process consistently measures and controls temperature, ratio and mix. Infrared testing verifies [...]

Durable, Water-Tight Floors


Extruded aluminum duct, dairy and cargo floors are fully welded to make sure they are water-tight, with strategically positioned drains to keep cargo dry. For extra strength and secure footing, steel or aluminum tread plate surfaces are available. Floor options also include a trailer-strength box floor that provides added strength for forklift entry and heavy palletized cargo.