Kidron has been a leader in the dairy industry since the earliest days of the company, back in the 1940’s. For over seventy-five years, Kidron has been offering our customers the very best refrigerated trucks on the market. Our K2 truck bodies and G2 trailers are designed to provide the best performance available. Kidron has created innovations in dairy body design and refrigeration that maximize multi-stop efficiency. From multiple sides and rear door options to Kidron’s exclusive VariTemp cold plate system, Kidron remains the leader in the dairy industry. Kidron’s ColdShield technology and our full range of customization options ensure that we can offer you precisely the truck you need to keep your dairy products fresh.

ColdShieldDairy Market

ColdShield technology is unique to Kidron. It is the result of Kidron’s dedication to innovation in the dairy industry. ColdShield technology does a better job of maintaining desired temperatures and allows Kidron refrigerated trucks to recover temperature more quickly than other trucks. ColdShield technology features:

  • Up to five inches of non-CFC polyurethane insulation poured between inner walls and aluminum panels to hold temperatures better.
  • The state-of-the-art foaming process consistently measures and controls temperature, ratio, and mix. Infrared testing verifies void-free, even foaming that eliminates migration.
  • Pressure-Pillow Seal Doors (PPS™) with two seals at 90° angles virtually eliminate air passage. The cold stays in and the heat stays out.
  • Impermeable, interior liners reduce foam out-gassing.

K2 Dairy

There are three models of Kidron K2 bodies that are designed for keeping your dairy products fresh. All K2 models are designed to maintain the temperature at 38 degrees even with multiple stops. All dairy models feature single temp temperature zone, 12′ wear band, and driver and curbside grab handles. The K2 saver is the smallest of the available K2 dairy options. The K2 saver differs from the larger models in that it can only be loaded with a handcart. If you need to carry larger loads, the K2 Value is might be a better option. The K2 value can be loaded with a forklift but lacks some of the features and size of the K2 Premium. The K2 premium offers a larger area for storing your dairy products and better temperature control. With the K2 Premium, you can open the doors over 20 times per day and still maintain optimal temperature.

When transporting dairy products, the best choice on the market is Kidron. We have over seventy-five years in the dairy industry and have made some cutting-edge innovations. Check out for all of our customization options.