Is your business constantly on the go and in need of a quality refrigeration distribution unit? Kidron is here to help! We provide top rated multi-stop, multi-temp refrigerated distribution performance units for all your special business needs.  Our business works specifically to keep your food and beverage cool throughout frequent driving, frequent stops, and ever-changing temperatures. You will never have to worry about your ice, dairy, seafood, meat, produce, or beverages getting warm ever again with this up to date technology.


How Do Your Distribution Units Stay Cool?


Here at Kidron, our number one concern is our customers and their business. This is why we have provided the Cold Shield in each of our units. The Cold Shield is up to 5 inches of non-CFC polyurethane insulation poured between inner walls and aluminum panels to be sure the temperature stays constant. We have also provided Pressure-Pillow Doors that contain two seals to be sure cold air stays in and hot air stays out.


What Products Do You Provide?


Two of the major products we provide is our K2 Ultimate Truck Body and our G2 Durable Trailer. Both products are specifically designed to keep your food and beverages refrigerated and cool until you’ve reached your destination.These products are equipped with up to date technology to keep our customers happy and their food and drink cool as a cucumber.


  • Our G2 Trailers are available in industry standard lengths up to 53’. They are manufactured to reach our high-quality expectations and built for durability. The following may be customized to meet your unique delivery needs:
    • Flooring
    • Rear doors
    • Side doors
    • Rear bumper and steps
    • Side steps and ladders
    • Walkramps
    • Interior Liner


  • Our K2 Truck Bodies are also designed for durability. With up to 5 inches of our patented Cold Shield and tightly sealed doors, this truck will keep your food and beverage cool. This truck also has the ability to handle the rigors of frequent stops and changing temperatures.  


Kidron’s truck bodies have been an industry leader since their start in 1946. We provide our customers with the greatest refrigerated truck body value, exceptional durability, and superior temperature and holding capacity. We also provide several interchangeable features to be sure they are receiving a product that’s comfortable and best for their delivery needs. The invention of refrigerated units has changed the distribution of food and beverage services forever. This is why customers have trusted Kidron to provide them with the best of the best and up to date technology to keep your precious cargo cool and safe.