Kidron is a leader in the refrigerated trucking industry, and the reason why is no secret. Kidron offers the best cold plate truck on the market. Kidron got its start back in 1946 and had continued its commitment to high-value refrigerated distribution units ever since. Kidron truck bodies and trailers are made to maintain temperature even with frequent stops and door openings. Kidron also offers customization so you can get the perfect unit to move your cargo.  Whether you need to transport food, beverages or use refrigeration for contract work. Kidron’s diverse line of truck bodies and trailers offer cutting-edge cold plate technology and ColdShield temperature management system. Flooring can make all of the difference in customizing Kidron’s K2 Truck Body. Here’s some information on your options so that you can guarantee the best performance out of your Kidron.


There are three kinds of flooring available in Kidron’s K2 Truck bodies. The first kind is Trailer Strength Cargo Floors. This type of flooring can offer you the best performance when transporting industrial cargo. These floors are fully welded, which means that they are watertight and will hold up to major wear and tear. The durability of these floors is their biggest strength; they are made for longevity. These floors are also made to transport cargo that is palletized. Most industrial cargo is carried on pallets, so you’ll be able to incorporate a Kidron K2 into your operations with minimal adjustments. Two floor drains come standard when you choose Trailer-Strength Cargo Floors but, like all features of a Kidron, they’re customizable.

The second kind of flooring that can be selected when customizing your Kidron K2 is Box Floors. Bos floors are perfect for cargo that must be kept dry. Box floors are designed to eliminate moisture and keep your cargo free of water damage. These trucks are great when transporting in humid climates and when your cargo generates precipitation. These floors come with an additional two drains, making four total. Box Floors are fully welded for durability and watertight to keep products protected.

Kidron offers the best cold plate truck on the market, and it’s thanks to their refrigerated cold plate technology. Kidron provides a wide variety of options so you can get the most out of transporting your goods. Contact us for more information about the Kidron K2 Truck body and the options available.