Is your business in the market for a new refrigerated distribution truck? Looking for something that is reliable and can handle the rigors of frequent stops and changing temperature requirements? If so, Kidron is the best multi-stop, multi-temp refrigerated distribution performance for you! Here are some of the markets that Kidron offers.


The K2 distribution truck is one of many ice operators favorite product on the market at Kidron. The overall design and durability of the K2 distribution truck are currently the best in the market for distributing ice around the country. It is made with an interior construction which lines the inside while improving thermal efficiency. There is custom reach inside doors allowing quick retrieval of ice. The cold shield provides total temperature management solutions. It also offers a pressure-pillow seal which eliminates air leakage.


Delivering produce across the country acquires the usage of a great distribution truck to provide fresh fruits and vegetables for all customers. The K2 and G2 models make the most versatile foodservice distribution trucks and trailers in the industry. These models have specific multiple rear and side doors for easy access to the product. When it comes to loading and unloading both of these models offer rear and side ramps with liftgates. Bumpers are also provided with these models making deliveries a smooth process.


The K2 and G2 distribution trucks offer similar specifics to the meat industry. Both of these designs feature multiple side/rear door options, multi-temp zones to keep the meat fresh and sanitation upgrades. The models provide an integrated wear band that locks out liquids and moisture from entering sidewall insulation. When it comes to food safety, floors and drainage are a crucial aspect when providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction. The aluminum floors are great for distributing meat because they’re watertight and durable.

Kidron has been involved with the truck transportation industry since 1946, highly committed to designing and manufacturing truck bodies and trailers that can distribute refrigerated cargo across the country. Is your business interested in a Kidron delivery truck today? Please contact 1-800-763-0700!