Our refrigerated distribution truck bodies and trailers are designed for both mechanical and cold plate product protection. At Kidron we set the industry standard for thermal efficiency and under the umbrella of VT Hackney, we have evolved into the the leading producer of refrigerated distribution products. All drawn upon our longtime success at engineering and manufacturing units that can deliver exceptional strength and longtime service life, using construction techniques and materials that result in the lightest possible weight. Long story short, our truck bodies and trailers are designed with cold in mind.


One of the many markets that we cater is the seafood market. From the ocean to table, Kidron is able to keep it fresh. Both of our truck bodies and trailers, the K2 and G2, feature upgrades that are able to highlight the increased need for sanitation heading towards the future.




Clean up is crucial when it comes to seafood, that’s why both our K2 and G2 have larger floor drain holes and impermeable ArmorTuf interior lining, that will make clean-up easier and more efficient. In addition, Kidron’s fully welded, extruded aluminum floors are watertight and durable.


Integrated Wearband  


The K2 and G2’s integrated wearband locks out liquids and moisture from entering side wall insulation, leaving the insulation nice and dry.




With our total temperature management solutions, that are only available exclusively in Kidron refrigerated distribution products, we can ensure that whatever you are transporting will be kept cold and fresh.


Pressure-Pillow Seal


The pressure-pillow seal in all of our truck bodies and trailers, virtually eliminate air passage. This seal is able to hold the cold inside and keep ambient air out.


For transporting seafood we recommend the following truck bodies and trailers: the K2 Saver, K2 Value, K2 Premium, and the G2 Value. But no matter which body or trailer you decide, you can leave knowing that you picked the best refrigerated distribution trucks and trailers in the industry. Visit our site to learn more about the seafood market and our suggested truck bodies and trailers, and feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. And remember, nobody knows cold like Kidron.