The Kidron Emperor G2 is the next generation of food service truck. With a maximized strength-to-weight ratio you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your trailer will last. Our unique design is made to maximize energy efficiency ensure that you will have the lowest possible cost when transporting your goods. The Emperor G2 comes in the industry standard lengths all the way up to 53′. The rugged design of the G2 means that it can withstand whatever the road can dish out. The G2 comes standard with all the features you need to get your refrigerated products delivered. It’s Kidron’s extensive selection of customization options that make it an industry leader in refrigerated trucks. Choose from a massive variety of options for flooring, rear doors, side doors, rear bumper/step, side step/ladders, walk ramps, and interior liners.


Flooring options

Having the right floor in your G2 trailer can make the difference when delivering your refrigerated goods. Kidron offers whatever kind of flooring you need to get your products delivered. Our Cargo Flooring is ideal for your refrigerated products stored on pallets. If your products need air circulation, box flooring is the choice for you. Box flooring will keep your goods dry and fresh. We also offer Steel and Aluminium Treadplate Flooring, Dairy flooring, and Wearbands Flooring. No matter your needs, Kidron has the flooring options to ensure you have the refrigerated truck to suit your needs.


Rear Door Options

Having the right rear doors will keep your products protected. Rear doors can also help ensure energy efficiency and product freshness. Kidron offers a full line of Rear Door options, from a single Full Opening Overhead Door to One Panel Part Opening Doors. Smaller doors like the Two Panel Part Opening Door can help protect your products on multi-stop trips. We also offer Three Panel Full Opening Door, Swing/Slider Door, Two Panel Full Opening Door and more.


Side Door Steps & Rear Ladder Options

When it comes to Side Door Steps & Rear Ladders, Kidron offers the wide selection that you’d expect from our customization options. If you need a self-storing option for your step, you can choose from our single step option or the Step and Platform option. You can choose the one that best suits your shipping needs and ensures that your products and drivers are protected. Steel Stirrup Step and Sliding Steps are also available.


Whatever needs, you can custom fit the Emperor G2 that suits your exact needs. No matter your cargo, how long you’re carrying it, or how often you’ll be stopping, Kidron has you covered. Check out the Emperor G2 Brochure for more information about your customization options.