While all cargo is important, some items require special attention. Kidron offers refrigerated and insulated solutions to ensure high quality remains at the point of delivery. Kidron’s footprint in the dairy industry dates back to the 1940’s. Through the years Kidron has innovated the diary body design and refrigeration to maximize multi-stop efficiency. From multiple sides and rear door options to Kidron’s exclusive VariTemp cold plate system, Kidron remains the leader in the dairy industry. Let’s dive deeper into the different options available to carry your ice cold milk.


A Kidron exclusive, all K2 refrigerated distribution bodies can do a better job maintaining desired temperatures and quick recoveries, thanks to our exclusive ColdShield™ Temperature Management System.
Up to five inches of non-CFC polyurethane insulation poured between inner walls and aluminum panels to hold temperatures better
The state-of-the-art foaming process consistently measures and controls temperature, ratio, and mix. Infrared testing verifies void-free, even foaming that eliminates migration
The cold stays in and the heat stays out
Impermeable, interior liners reduce foam outgassing

Sliding Rear and Side Doors

Kidron offers a variety of rear and side door options essential to dairy delivery.

Diary Floor

Kidron’s popular dairy floor has been a staple in the industry for its strength and durability. These extruded aluminum ducts, dairy, and cargo floors are fully welded to make sure they are watertight, with strategically positioned drains to keep cargo dry. For extra strength and secure footing, steel or aluminum tread plate surfaces are available. Floor options also include a trailer-strength box floor that provides added strength for forklift entry and heavy palletized cargo.

Pressure-Pillow Seal

The pressure-pillow seal doors have two seals at 90° angles that virtually eliminate air passage, holding the cold inside and keeping ambient air out.

Kidron recommends the following trucks and specifications for the dairy market:

K2 Saver
K2 Value
K2 Premium
G2 Value

So if you are looking to transport your goods and keep them fresh, look no further than Kidron. We’ve been building innovative refrigerated vehicles since 1946, so we know what we are talking about. If you have any questions or concerns regarding what refrigerated truck would best serve your needs, feel free to contact us today. And remember nobody knows cold like we do!