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Keep Your Cargo Cool With Kidron

Kidron makes it their top priority to provide our customers with innovative, up to date technology. That is why we have our patented G2 Truck Trailers. Our G2 truck trailers provide extra durability by design to lower your lifecycle costs. What is Special About our G2 Truck Trailers? With maximized strength-to-weight ratio,  Kidron’s G2 trailer [...]

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Keep Cargo Cold With Kidron K2 Truck Bodies

Refrigerated trucks have changed the way food and drinks are transported around the globe. That is why Kidron has been building innovative refrigerated vehicles since 1946. Kidron has been an active partner in the truck transportation industry and committed their time to the design and manufacturing of truck bodies and trailers that provide optimum productivity [...]

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Why You Should Choose the K2 Truck Body

In need of a new truck body that fits your budget and gets the job done? Kidron K2 truck bodies have been in the market since 1946, providing a traditional lifelong commitment over generations to sustaining and recovering desirable temperatures in spite of frequent door openings. K2 truck bodies are great for long hauls and [...]

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Ice Ice Baby

Is your business in the market for a new refrigerated distribution truck? Looking for something that is reliable and can handle the rigors of frequent stops and changing temperature requirements? If so, Kidron is the best multi-stop, multi-temp refrigerated distribution performance for you! Here are some of the markets that Kidron offers. Ice The K2 [...]

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Keep It Cool As A Cucumber With Kidron

Is your business constantly on the go and in need of a quality refrigeration distribution unit? Kidron is here to help! We provide top rated multi-stop, multi-temp refrigerated distribution performance units for all your special business needs.  Our business works specifically to keep your food and beverage cool throughout frequent driving, frequent stops, and ever-changing [...]

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Emperor G2 Customization Options

The Kidron Emperor G2 is the next generation of food service truck. With a maximized strength-to-weight ratio you'll have peace of mind knowing that your trailer will last. Our unique design is made to maximize energy efficiency ensure that you will have the lowest possible cost when transporting your goods. The Emperor G2 comes in [...]

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