While all cargo is important, some items require special attention. Here at Kidron we offer refrigerated and insulated solutions to ensure high quality remains at the point of delivery. One of the many markets we provide refrigerated and insulated truck bodies for is the beer and wine industry.

Kidron recommends truck specifications for the beer and wine market. The four trucks we recommend are our K2 Saver (Small Payload), K2 Value, K2 Saver (Medium Payload), and G2 Value. All of our trucks offer a wide variety of features that make transporting beer and wine easier, including:

Loading Options

Kidron offers a wide variety of loading/unloading options. Our K2 Saver (both Small and Medium Payload) and K2 Value offer rear access. While our G2 Value offers both rear and side access, as well as a tuck under liftgate.

Aluminum Cargo Flooring

Our K2 trucks now incorporate the highly durable G2 trailer aluminum cargo flooring. This flooring is ideal for palletized cargo with the safety for non-skid ridges.


ColdShield protects your cargo from unwanted heating by thermal radiation or light. Our total temperature management solutions are available exclusively in Kidron’s refrigerated distribution products.


Selecting the right bumper is critical to developing the perfect delivery truck. Kidron provides the widest selection in the industry. When transporting beer and wine our K2 trucks have rear impact and center step bumpers, while our G2 trailers have a forklift bumper.


No matter which make or model you decide to go with to transport your beer and wine, you can be we believe your investment is worth protecting. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, we look forward to hearing from you.